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1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014
Apple is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, personal computers, and software.
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Apple is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, portable digital music players, and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications.

Apple provides many products and services, including iPhone; iPad; iPod; Mac; Apple TV; a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications; the iOS and OS X operating systems; iCloud; and accessories, service, and support offerings.

It sells its products worldwide through its retail stores, online stores, direct sales force and third-party cellular network carriers, wholesalers, retailers, and value-added resellers to the consumer and also sells third-party iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod compatible products, including application software and accessories through its online and retail stores.

Introduced in 1984, the Macintosh was the first widely sold personal computer with a graphical user interface (GUI). That feature and others such as an improved floppy drive design and a low-cost hard drive that made data retrieval faster helped Apple cultivate a reputation for innovation.

The company was founded by Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Gerald Wayne on April 1, 1976, and is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

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Arcimoto World Headquarters 544 Blair Blvd. Eugene, OR
Arcimoto is an electric vehicle designer and manufacturer headquartered in Eugene, Ore.
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Arcimoto was founded in 2007 with the mission to build products that catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. The Arcimoto name means “Future I Drive” and it is our aspiration: to devise new technologies and patterns of mobility that together raise the bar for environmental efficiency, footprint, and affordability.

Hubless Production Bike – Electronic Gear Box & Ultra Lightweight Carbon Composite Frame
Cyclotron Cycles

A hubless smart bicycle initially idealized by French designer Sina Deuker.

The Tron-inspired wheel “halos” turn themselves on in low-light conditions, serving as a safety measure to increase visibility, and reportedly can last for eight hours on battery alone. There are also red laser lines that can project out rearward to mark a mock bike lane. The wheels are hubless, which offer the option of what the designers are calling USMs, or Utility Slot Modules, meaning optional storage containers can fit inside the wheel since there are no spokes.

The base Cyclotron is a manual 12-speed, and the solid polymer tires require no air and are estimated to last over 6,000 miles. The frame is also made of “space-grade” carbon-fiber composite.

The bike is Bluetooth LE-enabled with sensors that can send real-time cycling data to an app. The app includes coaching programs and navigation, as well as GPS integration that allows for anti-theft features and autonomous accident reporting service.

China-Euro Vehicle Technology Aktiebolag
Theres Svenssons gata 7
SE-417 55 Göteborg, Sweden
LYNK & CO is a brand from Geely Auto Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.
Lynk & Co

LYNK & CO is the new global car brand addressing the needs and preferences of a globally connected generation and challenging car industry conventions. Its products are designed and engineered in Sweden and will be sold globally, starting with the 01 in China in 2017 followed by Europe and the U.S.

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PSA Group
Paris Grande Armée
75, Avenue de la Grande Armée
75116 PARIS
Peugeot SA is a French car manufacturer, part of Groupe PSA.
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Peugeot S.A. operates in three segments: the Automotive Division, covering the design, manufacture and sale of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under the Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands; the Automotive Equipment Division, corresponding to the Faurecia Group consisting of interior systems, automotive seating, automotive exteriors and emissions control technologies, and the Finance Division, corresponding to the Banque PSA Finance Group (BPF), which provides retail financing to customers of the Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands, and wholesale financing to the brands’ dealer networks.

Teague is a global design consultancy headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Established in 1926, Teague has designed the interior of every single Boeing aircraft since the 1940s. The company provides market insights, integrated UX solutions, as well as consulting on product development to various industries, from software providers to airlines.

Recently, the company pivoted to auto mobility-related products, partnering with Hyundai, Toyota, and Land Rover, among others.

4440 El Camino Real
Los Altos, CA

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is Toyota Motor Corp.’s research facility based in Silicon Valley. TRI’s mission is to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of human life.