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London, UK
By Miles is reinventing car insurance – subscribe monthly, then just pay by the miles you drive, as you drive them.
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By Miles offers fairer, more flexible car insurance for low mileage drivers. Aside from a monthly subscription, each policy is paid by the mile so it’s totally tailored to you. See every journey and use handy tools in our mobile app to make your driving life easier.

San Francisco, CA
CoverHound is a technology company offering a platform for consumers to shop for car insurance.
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CoverHound is where smart shoppers find car insurance. Calculate your personal insurance needs, compare accurate rates from top carriers — and buy the right policy at the right price.

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London, England
Guevara is a web-based platform that enables its users to pool their car insurance premiums online to save money.
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Founded in 2013, Guevara provides a digital platform for people to team up, pool their resources and protect each other. Customers still get the fully regulated insurance the law demands.

“Instead of taking all of your money each year, we let drivers pool part of their premium together in groups. That money then pays for claims, and anything leftover stays with the group to discount their renewal,” the company website states.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
The fastest way to compare car insurance quotes.
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We are Insurify – one of the fastest growing MIT FinTech start-ups that is disrupting the $600B Insurance Industry. Led by veterans from Kayak and TripAdvisor, we are using leading technologies to build an award-winning platform. Our smart virtual insurance agent and robo advisor gives consumers personalized insurance recommendations and compares dozens of quotes at once to save them time and money.

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Root Insurance Company
34 West Gay Street, Suite 2A
Columbus, OH 43215
Root Insurance is a company that develops driving apps that helps consumers get the best car insurance based on their driving habits.
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Root provides car insurance. Root helps in buying insurance, submitting a claim, or updating a policy.

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NEW YORK, NY 10003
On-demand insurance for the on-demand economy.
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Slice Labs is an insurance technology startup that offers an on-demand insurance platform to support the on-demand economy. The platform allows participants to easily purchase insurance policies when they need it without committing to any annual plans. It offers a pay-per-use policy for Uber and Lyft drivers that covers drivers from the time they turn on the rideshare application until they turn it off. Slice Lab’s goal is to reimagine insurance through design, data, and technology. The company was established in 2015 and is based in New York, United States.

Los Angeles, California
ZestFinance develops big data underwriting technologies to give lenders a better understanding of risk.
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ZestFinance was founded by a team of some of the world’s best data scientists who came together with a mission – use machine learning algorithms to revolutionize how credit decisions are made to provide fair and transparent credit to everyone. The team of crazy smart data geeks, mathematicians and computer scientists have reinvented underwriting, enabling more accurate credit decisions, increased credit availability for borrowers and higher repayment rates for lenders.