Netradyne Launches Data-Gathering Device as First Step to Sell AI to OEMs

Netradyne, a computer vision and deep-learning technology company, launched its DRIVERi device for commercial vehicles, but this is only the first step in the company’s goal to offer its analytics and insights to OEMs building autonomous vehicles, Mobility Buzz has learned.

DRIVERi, which was released on March 24, is a vision-based safety system that uses artificial intelligence to capture and analyze every minute of the driving day, providing fleets with insights on driver behavior, positive performance, and at-risk events.

For now, the DRIVERi device is only available for commercial trucking fleets; however, because commercial drivers record hundreds of miles daily, it will allow Netradyne to use the data gathered to apply the technology to a consumer application and — eventually — for OEM use, Sandeep Pandya, president of Netradyne, told Mobility Buzz.

The company is already planning to offer a cheaper and technologically-lighter option within 18 to 20 months for insurance providers and possibly to consumers directly, Pandya said. This version would be similar, although more intelligent, than current telematic devices used by insurers like Progressive’s Auto Snapshot.

“Initially, we are selling a very sophisticated device, but ultimately we are looking at other markets like insurance first and then big box retailers,” Pandya said.

Following enough consumer-wide adoption — which would allow Netradyne’s neural nets to be more robust and intelligent — the company will take that information on driver behavior and performance and sell it to OEMs to put in autonomous vehicles.

Netradyne’s technology is similar to Mobileye or Waymo, but the company has decided that an aftermarket approach and an initial fleet-management consumer will allow for a faster accumulation of miles and data. For instance, Google, which has been testing autonomous vehicles since 2009, has amassed around two million autonomous miles with its own fleet of vehicles. Meanwhile, Netradyne announced today that its DRIVERi platform has collected over one million miles of captured and analyzed data; this was possible through its Early Adopter Program, allowing the company to achieve the million-mile mark in the first six months of DRIVERi’s overall operation.

This means Netradyne’s self-learning neural nets are are becoming better, and at a faster rate, than other companies that use their own fleets within the autonomous vehicle space; Netradyne can take this robust knowledge to OEMs who are looking to implement AI into their autonomous vehicles.

Currently, Netradyne’s first official commercial customer is Load One, one of the three largest transportation and expedite companies in the U.S., which provides complete time-critical transportation and logistics solutions to its own customers.

Netradyne was founded in 2015 in San Deigo, Calif., and currently employs about 50 people, Pandya said, but the company is planning to grow to 100 by yearend.

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