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2. More Voice, Less Touch

canstockphoto3405376Cars are becoming a lot smarter and – as is the case with smart phones and smart homes – a lot chattier.

“The very sudden acceleration of voice-based services is exciting to watch,” said Jamyn Edis, chief executive of Dash.

The startup produces both the software and the hardware necessary to “connect” your car. “You have Google, Amazon, Microsoft all working on voice technology, and we are now at a tipping point, where you see that tech making its way to vehicles,” Edis said. The company is now looking into adding voice features to its connected cars. The in-car experience, according to Edis, is better-suited for a voice-first interaction.

Major OEMs seem to agree. Earlier this month, both Nissan and BMW integrated Cortana voice assistant, while Hyundai struck a partnership with Google for its virtual home assistant, Google Home.

By far, voice applications include requests like directions, news, scheduling, and to-do lists. In-car voice payments are next in line, according to Toyota’s Sandy Lobenstein, VP of connected strategy and product planning.

For now, check out Honda’s demo of in-car payments – no voice tech involved, but still pretty amazing.

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