5 Transportation Startups That Made the Cut at SXSW

Transportation startups are making a debut in the massive South by Southwest conference and festival held in Austin this March.

Each year, hundreds of startups (more than 500 this year) from across the world submit applications for the SXSW Accelerator Pitch event. Only 50 startups, broken down into 10 categories, were picked this year. The “Transportation” category, as well as “Sports” and “Security and Privacy,” were added this year.

Meet the five transportation finalists prepping for their debut at SXSW.

Driver Watchdog: The startup developed a smart-driving safety device with dual cameras that allows users to see inside and outside of their vehicles through a mobile app. The device will notify up to five contacts in the case of an emergency, like crashes or police stops. It will also monitor driver behavior, such as speed acceleration, or hard braking, and even notify the owners if the car wanders into an owner-defined restricted area (the ultimate parent spy device).

Fingertips Lab came up with O6 – a device that allows drivers to remotely control their phones, keeping the eyes on the road and hands on the vehicle. The small round gadget reads out news articles, texts, and emails, responds to phone calls, and connects to music apps – all through a push of a button.  

HAAS Alert: The HAAS Alert API suite enables communication with intelligent traffic solutions and other municipal and smart-city data applications. The V2V platform delivers real-time preemptive safety information to drivers, smart cities, connected and autonomous cars, helping drivers (or driverLESS cars) make “smarter” decisions.  

Spatial.ia helps drivers “navigate the world like a local.” The startup uses AI and machine learning to enable vehicles to answer location questions only a local would know, through a real-time, human-driven, machine-assisted analysis. Think of it as a real-time Yelp on wheels.

SPLT is an enterprise carpooling platform that connects employees within organizations to share their commute — you know, instead of connecting you with strangers. The startup also provides non-emergency medical transportation services.  

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