Analytics App for Ride-Hail Drivers Is Coming to D.C.

Gridwise, an app that offers real-time and predictive insights for ride-hailing drivers, will be expanding its operation to Washington, D.C., on April 15, Mobility Buzz has learned.

Gridwise, founded in July 2016, currently offers its app to ride-hail drivers in Pittsburgh, where the company is based. Gridwise pulls in data from numerous sources, such as aggregating airport traffic, metro schedules, road traffic, and more to provide predictive analytics to drivers about where and when is the best time to drive. The company operates through a combination of SMS alerts and a Google Play app, but with the D.C. launch, the SMS alerts will be discontinued and an iOS app introduced.

Washington, D.C., is the first expansion and was chosen — in part — because D.C. is a larger market with more business opportunities, Ryan Green, co-founder of Gridwise, told Mobility Buzz.

“We see that D.C. is a larger market with much more offerings, but also challenges around transportation,” he said.

Although Pittsburgh is a small market, Gridwise has captured a large portion of the Pittsburgh market, most of which has been by word of mouth, Green said.

“A lot of it is referral based … and early on [we did] grassroots marketing through forums,” he said, in order to connect to drivers and find out what they needed. “Drivers are being left behind, everything is optimized for the rider side … it just hasn’t been a priority for these companies to optimize for the driver.”

Currently, Gridwise is free and it looks to remain that way, Green said. “We are more focused on adding value to the drivers rather than extracting value,” he said, adding that more features will also be added to the app experience, for instance allowing drivers to monitor their driving performance.

The app will also grow to become a social platform for drivers — in addition to its comprehensive predictive insights — which is something that separates the platform from similar apps in the space, Green said.

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