Carvoy Launches ‘Ignite’ to Push Live Inventory

Carvoy launched its “Ignite” offering today to provide customers with live inventory access to thousands of vehicle listings — from traditional combustion engines to electric vehicles.

Live inventory has always been something the New York City-based company has aimed for, and Carvoy began working on it a few months after the startup was launched in 2015, Haddar Levy, director of public relations and development, told Mobility Finance.

“We knew we wanted to pivot into this,” she said. “We saw demand for live inventory, live pricing, and seamless integration … it’s a more streamlined platform.”

With Ignite, Carvoy expects to see “exponential growth” in its dealer network and user base, Levy said. Additionally, Carvoy is now offering to show warranty packages that are available from dealerships, after seeing interest from consumers, Levy added.

Later this year, Carvoy will implement virtual reality technology into the website to allow consumers to test drive vehicles in a VR space. “From our perspective, that’s what holds people back in leasing from a website,” Levy said. VR is still in the early stages but the company hopes to implement it by early 2018.

Carvoy facilitates the entire car-buying process by allowing consumers to either customize or choose the kind of car they want via the website; Carvoy then arranges the financing and delivers the vehicle to the consumer.

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