Check Out Ford’s Superbowl Ad on Mobility

Yes, it’s that time of the year: the nation’s biggest brands buy the most expensive airtime of the year to showcase their latest and greatest during the Super Bowl game this Sunday.

This year, Ford went one step further, cracking open a window on the brand’s future.

The ad starts with different scenarios of people getting stuck during their daily routines (there’s a cat at 0:25), whether it’s driving, skiing, or swimming. But worry not, because “Ford is here to help you move through life.”

The ad then showcases the OEM’s various mobility initiatives, including electric vehicles, GoBike — a bike-sharing company Ford launched last year, as well as ridesharing shuttle service Chariot, which currently operates in San Francisco and Austin, but will expand to eight new cities this year.

The last shot of the ad features a fully autonomous vehicle, with no steering wheel and Heads Up Displays (HUD) — a look into the future of Ford’s mobility plans.

Check out the ad below.


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