Dash Surpasses 350K Drivers, Looks Into Voice Capabilities

Ten years ago, the idea of turning any vehicle into a “smart” car seemed (still) a little futuristic.

Today, the crowded market of connected-product providers offers a sea of features to choose from, by installing a small box in your car and an app on your phone.

Dash, the “Fitbit for your car.” as CEO Jamyn Edis calls it, now has more than 350,000 drivers using its software in over 150 countries, including U.S., Mexico, U.K., and EU. “That’s cumulatively more than the top five of our competitors in the [on-board diagnostics] mobile software space,” Edis said.

The company produces both the software and the hardware necessary to turn your car “smart.” However, Dash’s software also works with other (read: cheaper) on-board diagnostic devices sold on, say, Amazon. Once installed, the device connects to your phone via the Dash app.

The app lets drivers to track trips, find gas stations and compare prices, detect crashes and alert emergency services, locate mechanics, among other features. Dash also includes a social media component, allowing drivers to share their “driving stats” – such as gas consumption or bad/good driving behaviors – with others, in order to encourage safe and environmentally friendly driving, Edis explained.

“We are keeping the focus around safety, but are constantly adding new features, and plan to make Dash available on different platforms, such as smart home devices,” he said.

New York-based Dash was founded in 2012, and currently has $1.9 million in total funding.

Among its many projects – such as developing an on-demand insurance algorithm, based on driver’s behavior data – Dash is also looking into adding voice features to its connected cars.

“We are at a tipping point now on all the voice-based services,” Edis said. “Without giving too much away, we think that in-car experience is better suited to a voice-first interaction, rather than dashboards.”

But Dash won’t be the first connected car platform to offer voice features: earlier this month, INRIX announced that it would integrate Amazon Alexa into its connected car services. In other words, it is not so futuristic, after all.

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