How You Can Score a ‘Free’ Model 3 [VIDEO]

Most of us will have to wait a while before we can get our hands on the Tesla Model 3, but if you want to skip the record-breaking waitlist and get it for free, all you need to is download the augmented reality (AR) app from Evannex.

That’s right. The aftermarket Tesla accessories company Evannex has partnered with Kinetic Vision to create an AR version of the Model 3 that will “enable you to put a Model 3 in your house, in your workplace, on the street, or anywhere else you happen to be,” according to the company’s website. The AR app is free, and available on iPhone or Android devices.

Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky. But it’s also adorable and will potentially satiate your Model 3 waiting angst for at least a few minutes.

Check out the demo video below to see what it looks like:

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