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In2Go, Electric DIY Vehicle Maker, Is Working on a New Car Model

In2Go’s first product, the KB3, is a fully electric three-wheeled motorcycle that looks like a combination of a dune buggy and something out of “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Now In2Go is working on a new car-like model, Mobility Buzz has learned.

“Talking to people, they are more interested in the electric side of it than the motorcycle, so people have been asking for roofs and windscreens,” founder and CEO Duncan Burns told Mobility Buzz. That’s why the second iteration, he added, “will have more of a “car feel.”

In2Go’s first model is the three-wheeled KB3, which will retail for $7,500 and comes as a kit meant to be easily assembled within a week, but could also be finished within a day. KB3 reservations are currently being accepted with an aim to ship by the end of the second quarter, if not before, Burns said.

Burns, who has a background in engineering, said he grew up as a DIYer and even built his own 3D printer before deciding he wanted to share that interest and knowledge with other people while keeping the product affordable.

“You see so many problems with kits, like uncompleted kits for sale online,” he said. “I want to make sure people start this kit and finish it and don’t get bored with it. Everyone can do this in a week. If you can put a bolt and a nut together, you can do this. I want people to have fun and to have success. The main thing I was thinking about was affordability … and if it’s affordable, you are willing to try it.”

However, with an electric DIY motorcycle there comes an adoption curve and Burns says his interactions with people have been mixed. The KB3 is technically a motorcycle and not a car, due to its use of three wheels, not four. Burns pursued a three-wheeled vehicle because it has lighter safety standards and crash test requirements.

He added that he preferred the idea of a motorcycle and the ideas of “the wind in my face.”

There’s also been some skepticism Burns has heard about the electric component, which he attributes to being located in South Carolina, where adoption of electric vehicles is lower than the Northeast and West Coast.

Found and CEO Duncan Burns with the KB3

Founder and CEO Duncan Burns with the KB

“It is a huge education process here in the Southeast… People still think electric cars are wimpy and can’t perform as well as a gas car,” he said.

Capable of traveling 70 miles on a single charge with the smallest battery pack available, the KB3 can also reach 200 miles with a larger battery. Burns envisions customers using the vehicle around town, rather than on a cross-country vacation, especially since charging can take a long time, depending on how much the rider is willing to pay for an expensive, fast charge.

But despite the challenges of adoption in the Southeast, Burns notes that part of what interested him in forming this startup is that there isn’t any other company doing something similar.

“Offering something cool and crazy in electric form is a new thing,” he said.


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