Inaugural Issue of Mobility Buzz Magazine Is Now Live

The inaugural issue of Mobility Buzz, which explores deep trends disrupting traditional transportation, is now live.

In this first-quarter issue, find out whether the rideshare market is too saturated for startups to succeed, and how startups can best position themselves to attract consumer — and investor — demand.

The inaugural issue also explores whether autonomous cars will eliminate traditional auto insurers. Are insurers ready for the deployment of autonomous cars?

Additional content includes: how rideshares will blend into OEMs when autonomous cars go mainstream; whether a data disconnect will cause OEMs to reset the clock to 5G in connected cars; and more.

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Recent coverage on the site has explored how Walmart plans to dominate last-mile delivery with its startup incubator; Volvo’s initiative to beef up ‘connected solutions’ investing with unit’s launch; and 4 jobs autonomous cars will create, not destroy.

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