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Innoviz Joins ‘Tech Race,’ Demos Flagship LiDAR Sensor Tech

Automakers are actively working to implement multiple technology developments into their autonomous vehicles to provide high-bar security, which has spurred a “tech race” for software providers, Liron Eldar, marketing and communications manager for Innoviz Technologies Ltd. told Mobility Buzz.

Innoviz unveiled its flagship high-definition solid state LiDAR — InnovizOne — at CES2017. InnovizOne LiDAR enables smart and advanced 3D remote sensing to enable fully autonomous vehicles.

“No manufacturer out there is going to put on the road a vehicle that is unable to provide highest safety bars,” Eldar said. “There will be a lot of testing done before we see these vehicles on the road.”

The Israeli startup is offering ongoing demos and has plans to mass produce the InnovizOne product by mid-2018.

Check out Innoviz’s demo video below.

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