INRIX OpenCar Ecosystem Tops 2,200 Developers

Buried in an announcement that it would integrate Amazon Alexa into its connected car services, INRIX disclosed that its OpenCar ecosystem has grown. A lot.

The ecosystem now numbers 2,250 “registered” developers, up from about 1,300 earlier last year. That makes the ecosystem one of the leading connected car networks out there. INRIX, which is based in Kirkland, Wash., said that the ecosystem includes “hundreds of companies, offering a wide range of services including streaming audio and entertainment, city guides, real-time parking and mapping services, reservations and more.”

INRIX acquired OpenCar last March. OpenCar had been backed by Mazda.

INRIX, founded in 2005, is hoping to create a more powerful connected-car platform by integrating a wide range of services and service providers. The company claims that it now collects data from 175 million “cars, vehicles, and devices,” and that it has more than 450 customers in 60 nations, including BMW, Audi and Porsche. The company, which employs more than 200 people,  also has offices in Seattle; Santa Monica, Calif.; London; Manchester, UK; and Munich.

That INRIX now includes Amazon Alexa in that mix is noteworthy. Through INRIX, Alexa is being separated from Amazon’s Echo and Dot hardware for mobility integration. It is not hard to imagine Alexa becoming the default voice “operating system” for mobility services.

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