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Jaguar, Shell App Shows Possibilities for Connected Cars

Jaguar Land Rover and Shell Oil Co. announced today that United Kingdom residents can now use a special perk that allows them to pay for fuel from their car’s touchscreen, but only if they have a Jaguar’s F-PACE, XE, or XF models.

Consumers still have to exit the vehicle to pump the gas, but the data generated from the app could be used to analyze purchasing behaviors, Natasha Obank, a Shell spokesperson, told Mobility Buzz.

“Over time, we will spend more time in our cars so versatility and connectivity inside the cabin are going to become increasingly important,” Adam Calland, Jaguar UK’s public relations manager, told Mobility Buzz. “The connected car will become an integrated part of the internet. In the future, it could sync to your diary and book a parking space, for example. The connected car could also be self-learning and could predict driver intentions.”

The app works by connecting your iPhone — where you can use PayPal or ApplePay — to the Jaguar’s infotainment system via USB. The driver then selects how much gas he or she wants and then pre-pays for the fuel.

The app will be available to Android users later this year, and additional applications of the technology could include the ability to pre-pay at drive-through restaurants and parking services, according to a published report.

Unlike current phone-based payment methods, Shell and Jaguar used geolocation technology and a cloud-based pre-payment check, which allows for the app to indicate to a driver where the closest Shell station is when a car is low on fuel. After payment, a receipt is displayed visually on the car’s touchscreen and a digital receipt is also emailed to the driver.

Global expansion is currently on the horizon, but Shell’s Obank declined to specify where or when — citing that Shell does not want to make premature announcements.

To see the app in action, check out the video below:

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