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Michelin Unveils a Connected 3D-Printed Concept Tire [Video]

Michelin, the tire manufacturer, recently released a video of how the company thinks mobility will look like tomorrow, and that includes an airless, rechargeable, 3D-printed organic tire. (Talk about reinventing the wheel.)

The concept video begins with a couple entering a destination on their vehicle’s GPS, which, in turn, suggests they switch their tires to winter-appropriate ones. Following this, the couple drives to an outpost that upgrades the tires via 3D-printing, before heading off to complete their journey. The tire would be “developed from bio-sourced, biodegradable materials,” according to the video, and as, “A connected tire, it provides real-time information about its condition and is integrated with innovative services.”

“It’s a revolution,” Cyrill Roget, the technical and scientific communications director for Michelin, said in a separate video from Michelin. “It’s a vision of the future of mobility. [It’s] not coming to your car tomorrow, but in a few years,” he said, adding that Michelin is already working on the concept.

The idea for the tire came after the 128-year-old company interviewed about 90 people, divided into four panels around the world, on their relationship with mobility, the company said in a statement. From these discussions, the company found, “No users wanted to reduce their need for safety. Grip in all weather conditions and effective braking in all circumstances were essential. In addition, users embraced environmental responsibility. They wanted to consume cleanly.”

Check out the video below:

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