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Mobility Startup Driver Watchdog Gears Up For Production, Gen 2 Development

Mobility startups, although operating in many different sectors, all share one common goal: to make driving safer.

Driver Watchdog, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based smart-driving startup, will join that pipeline in May, releasing its first batch — 200 units — of its smart driving safety device.

The product can notify up to five contacts in case of an emergency, such as a car accident, or a police stop, through a panic button, eliminating the need for a smartphone. The device notifies drivers in case of high acceleration or hard braking, and features an automatic anti-sleep alarm. HD cameras transmit video – both from the inside and outside the car – directly to the car owner through a mobile app. The app will also notify the owners in case the car enters into an owner-defined restricted area.

“This is really a companion for anyone who is on the road, whether it’s young adults or elderly people,” Christian Johnson, founder of Driver Watchdog, told Mobility Buzz. The startup has established partnerships with companies from various industries – from rideshare to insurance – which will be the first ones to test the product.

“We will be piloting in our hometown first, with different school districts, to install the device in school buses,” she said. “We are working with a top insurance company that looks to whitelabel our product, and allow for a live-streaming, as well as a rideshare company.”

The startup is in the process of setting up a Kickstarter campaign, with an initial goal of $300,000. “We have seen interest from private VCs, and have been taking pre-orders as well, but a Kickstarter will hopefully give us a good headstart,” Johnson said.

The startup is in the process of developing the second generation of Driver Watchdog, adding voice capabilities, more and better video cameras, as well as social media components.  

Check out Driver WatchDog’s demo below.

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