Rideshare Aims to Expand Partnerships with Dealers and OEMs

Sitbaq, a rideshare operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, is looking at ways to provide incentives to drivers through partnerships with insurance companies, local dealerships, and automakers, Mobility Buzz has learned.

Founded in late 2015, Sitbaq does not operate as a traditional on-demand rideshare, but instead as a reservation system in which a rider can request a car between from two hours to seven days in advance. That request is sent to drivers, who can then select or decline the ride; drivers can also be saved and automatically requested for future rides. At the moment, the company is looking at raising funding for further growth, with plans to expand to the whole of California by the end of 2017, with Sacramento and San Diego next.

The company is also working on creating partnerships with local car dealerships, Justin Frankert, chief operating officer of Sitbaq, told Mobility Finance.

“We’re connecting drivers who are asking about financing options and discounts to local dealers,” Frankert said, adding, “As we grow, we’ll reach out to the auto manufacturers at the corporate level.”

The company is planning to establish something “substantial” by the end of the year, he said, including possible partnerships with insurance companies to explore better offers for drivers. Sitbaq is also looking into working with car rental agencies to offer short-term rentals to Sitbaq drivers at a discount, Frankert said.

There are other incentives for drivers that the company is looking to provide as well, such as providing maintenance services to frequent drivers; Sitbaq currently has a partnership with Jiffy Lube, Frankert said.

“Sitbaq is different … we are really thinking about the driver.  And we are focusing on partnerships that bring something new to rideshare,” Frankert said.

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