Roadify Transit Set for Massive Distribution With Nine New Partners

Roadify Transit entered into nine distribution and technology agreements yesterday, expanding the company’s domestic and global reach, Mobility Buzz has learned.

Using Roadify’s application program interface (API), these partners are now able to incorporate location-specific displays of transit arrivals and service conditions into their customers’ digital signage networks.

The New York-based aggregator of multi-modal transit information teamed up with several digital signage companies, including AVI Systems, Capital Networks, DigiChief, Engrain TouchTour, Four Winds Interactive, Orange Barrel Media/StreetMedia, IKE SmartCity, and TouchSource.

The partnerships will help the Roadify in two important ways, Scott Kolber, the startup’s chief executive, told Mobility Buzz. “The partnerships help us with market access to addressable screens and … facilitate the implementation and deployment of service [of our API],” he said.

Roadify Transit focuses on the aggregation and distribution of multi-modal transit data. It does not develop and deploy its own screens but instead partners with signage companies for the dissemination of its data.

Roadify currently collects transit data from more than 400 agencies, as well as bikeshare and carshare programs — including car2go, Lyft, and Uber — in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Transit services available through the Roadify API account for 95% of the 35 million trips taken daily by U.S. transit riders, according to the company.

An example of how Roadify’s API could be customized and displayed.

“We’re really about being a single source for information,” Kolber said. “There are two important questions that everyone has [when commuting]. When will it be here? And why is it late?… So instead of trying to do everything [by creating hardware]… all the stuff our partners have that they have already created expertise in — we wanted to focus on the data because our partners don’t want to be data companies.”

Roadify Transit partners specifically include IKE interactive kiosks in downtown Denver with partner OrangeBarrel Media/StreetMedia; CBRE offices in Bellevue, Wash., and Oakland, Calif., and at the Denver Tech Center with partner TouchSource; customer headquarters and offices in New York, Denver, the U.K., and Australia with Four Winds Interactive; and, commercial real estate facilities in Chicago through AVI Systems, and more.

Roadify’s API also allows for its partners to customize the layout of the transportation data. “With easy, on-demand access, our partners have total flexibility over the design, branding, and look and feel of how transit information is integrated into their customers’ signage displays,” Kolber said.

Separately, Roadify is working on allowing its API to be integrated into other apps, thereby allowing users to simply “click a button” and access Roadify without exiting the app they are currently using. Roadify has earned some attention from a few big-name organizations and apps already, Kolber said.

The startup has its own app that can be used by anyone, with data integrated from car2go. However, the app does not include data from Lyft and Uber, primarily because it would require an “app overhaul,” which Roadify is not in a position to focus on right now, Kolber said, as the company is focusing on signage partnerships instead.

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