See Jane Go Rideshare Looks Into OEM Partnerships for Car Payments

These days, you’ll rarely see an Uber car that doesn’t also have (at least) a Lyft sticker on it.

In an environment of increased competition, maintaining driver stickiness is key for ridesharing upstarts. Drivers now have a variety of choices, so how do companies win them over?

See Jane Go, a Laguna Hills, Calif.-based women’s-only rideshare startup, came up with a solution.

The startup, still in beta, is in conversations with “several OEMs” to launch its 30 Rides program. Drivers that complete 30 rides a month in their new car will get up to $300 in car payments coverage, said See Jane Go founder William Jordan.

This is high on our list, and we have had a few initial conversations already,” he said. “It will definitely happen after we complete our beta launch, mid this year, a phase 2 for us.”

Launched in the summer of 2016, the startup currently operates in Orange County and Long Beach, with more expansion in Southern California planned for this year.

Jordan did not reveal the exact number of drivers in See Jane Go’s network, but said that “half of the drivers that signed up so far have never driven” for any ridehailing company before. “Women have been self-excluding themselves from this broader sharing economy, so we are tapping in this pool of drivers that have never dealt with Uber or Lyft, and we have received tremendous feedback so far,” Jordan added.

Partnerships are core to this startup’s business. “Because we only accept women riders, we still facilitate ride requests from men: by outsourcing those to the nearest Uber or Lyft,” Jordan explained. At the end of the day, the focus is on safety and comfort, he added.

The startup has raised “several seed rounds” for an undisclosed amount, and is planning to announce its A round funding by the end of the year.

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