Fleet Financier Boosts Investment in Telematics to Remain Competitive

  • Natalie Mattila
  • April 26, 2017
ALD Automotive is upping its investment in connected car data, including telematics, in an effort to remain competitive in the leasing space, as the mobility ecosystem continues to evolve, Mobility Buzz has learned. “We see in this new mobility world there are new capabilities that become necessary to survive, [beyond] your core competencies,” which include the […]

ALD Offers Flexible Lease Options Amid EV Infrastructure Delays

  • Natalie Mattila
  • April 24, 2017
ALD Automotive is allowing EV or hybrid vehicle lessors in Romania to switch to a conventional vehicle, for a limited period of time, to accommodate areas where EV charging may not be fully developed, Mobility Buzz has learned. This offering allows lessors to swap the car easily, which can “take away any concern they may have […]

Lenders to Retool Finance Models, Experts Say

  • Natalie Mattila
  • April 18, 2017
Financial institutions will need to rework their business models to remain relevant in a sector that is evolving away from traditional car ownership toward a more shared economy and autonomous future, panelists said at the Empire State of Mobility conference in New York City yesterday. “From a financial services perspective, obviously the whole model of […]

Carvoy Shifts Online Lease Platform, Takes Salesman Out of the Equation

  • Emma Sandler
  • April 17, 2017
The millennial generation is quickly moving into economic prowess, disrupting the way the auto market does business. And online car-buying platform Carvoy, in response, will offer a new solution to attract the younger demographic, called Carvoy Ignite, Mobility Buzz has learned. Carvoy facilitates the entire car-buying process by allowing consumers to either customize or choose the kind […]

Will PSA Group Bring Its Carshare Lease Offerings to the U.S.?

  • Natalie Mattila
  • April 10, 2017
PSA Group launched Free2Move Carsharing in Los Angeles last week, positioning the French manufacturer to bring its leasing and fleet management services to the U.S. This launch marks PSA Group’s entrance of mobility services into the U.S. The automaker also announced its new U.S. division called PSA North America — which aims to develop mobility […]
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