How Cortica is Teaching Autonomous Vehicles [VIDEO]

  • Emma Sandler
  • August 4, 2017
It appears artificial intelligence is getting the Montessori treatment when it comes to self-learning. Cortica, an international AI startup, is implementing unsupervised learning that allows an autonomous system to process data and figure out its environment. For perspective, supervised machine learning is when the AI is given a set of examples and a set of parameters […]

Watch the Lucid Air Achieve 235 MPH [VIDEO]

  • Emma Sandler
  • July 14, 2017
The Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car achieved a top speed of 235 miles per hour during its second high-speed test run at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio, according to the automaker Lucid Motors. Lucid fitted one of its Lucid Air Alpha prototypes with a roll cage in preparation for a series of high-speed tests intended […]

OSVehicle Shows Off New Self-Driving Car [VIDEO]

  • Emma Sandler
  • May 19, 2017
OSVehicle, a B2B self-driving vehicle startup that is working on white-label solutions for auto fleets owners, recently unveiled a new video showing off its concept. The autonomous vehicle is called “EDIT,” which the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company claims is the first “ready-to-use self-driving EV.” The vehicle is modular, open to different designs, and is a white-labelled vehicle, […]

Self-Driving Car Experiment Shows How Traffic Can Be Improved [VIDEO]

  • Emma Sandler
  • May 12, 2017
For all the debate about how autonomous cars will affect the way humans live, one issue can be put to rest: traffic. Yes, the hair-pulling problem of traffic and rush hour may become distant memories when autonomous cars become integrated into the roadways. The best part is, the roads do not have to be proliferated with self-driving […]