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This App Can Identify Cars Better Than You [Video]

Sometimes, you might find yourself looking at a beautiful car and wondering what kind it is. Other times, you’re simply trying to parse which one of the dozen black four-door sedans at the airport pickup is your Uber.

That’s where Blippar comes in.

Blippar launched in 2011 as an augmented reality platform for brands and publishers. Using a little tag called a “Blipp,” brands can highlight content like a product label or a printed ad, and users can scan that content with their phones to reveal Easter-egg augmented reality content.

The company has since pivoted to focus on visual search. Blippar’s artificial intelligence can identify the make, model, and year of any U.S. car made between 2000 and now, as long as the car is traveling slower than 15 miles per hour. Possible users for this technology, beyond personal entertainment, include letting secondhand sellers and insurance companies build in this identification technology into their own apps and pay on a performance basis to enhance their own businesses, according to the company. Additionally, the tech has over 97.7% accuracy in recognizing vehicles.

Check out the demo video below:

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