Uber Adds New Tech to Self-Driving Trucks [VIDEO]

In 2016, self-driving truck startup Otto joined forces with Uber‘s self-driving unit Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), and Uber has now released a video showing the upgraded trucks being driven on highways around San Francisco.

The new model features an updated technology stack, including a 64 channel spinning lidar array, which is something never used previously on any of the former Otto test trucks, according to a published report. The lidar used in the new design is an off-the-shelf part, rather than one developed in-house.

“That really significantly improves what data the truck is able to capture about the world, so it builds a very high-quality point cloud of its surroundings,” Alden Woodrow, ATG trucks product manager, said in the report. “That really helps the software system make better decisions about what’s out there in the world and make better decisions.”

Notably, Otto is the same company that landed Uber in a lawsuit with Alphabet’s Waymo, after the company’s said Otto execs took confidential company info when they departed Google.

Check out the video below to see the vehicles in action:

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