Watch the Lucid Air Achieve 235 MPH [VIDEO]

The Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car achieved a top speed of 235 miles per hour during its second high-speed test run at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio, according to the automaker Lucid Motors.

Lucid fitted one of its Lucid Air Alpha prototypes with a roll cage in preparation for a series of high-speed tests intended to explore the limits of the platform and uncover any behaviors that may not be discovered in lab testing, according to a company statement. The prototype, dubbed the Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car, was first tested in April 2017.

“The first test exceeded expectations,” according to the statement. “The driver exited the banked oval at over 200 miles per hour. The car then hit the speed limiter less than a quarter of the way down the straightaway, leaving plenty of space to slow down without the use of the parachute.”

The parachute was an additional safety during the first high-speed tests, to slow the car abruptly in case the straights didn’t prove long enough to reach desired speeds and slow down sufficiently for the next turn. During the second test, the speed limiter was removed to see what a Lucid Air Alpha prototype was capable of achieving — which was 235.44 mph.

Lucid Motors is a Menlo Park, Calif.-based luxury mobility company and its first vehicle, the Lucid Air, is an all-electric sedan that will be “autonomous-ready” with up to 400 miles of range and 1,000 horsepower. The Air will be manufactured in Casa Grande, Ariz., and deliveries will begin in 2019, with prices beginning at $52,500 after federal tax credits.

Check out the video of the tests below:

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